LFSS Newsletter – November 2018

Black History Month Celebrations To celebrate Black History Month, our wonderful teachers and volunteers organised a special event with performances from our students, including a quiz and a fantastic rendition of Maya Angelou's poem Life Doesn't Frighten Me by our Year 1s & 2s. Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) - Saturday 24 November 2018 We were delighted to have our AGM attended by so many Parents/Carers, who were engaged and enthusiastic about the future of our school. We elected a new Chair, some new Parent Reps, and discussed new ideas for future projects. Parents/Carers - thank you for participating, we encourage you to continue taking an active part in supporting your child's learning and our local community by supporting the school. We encourage all Parents/Carers to volunteer once a month to help run our tuckshop. If you have any other skills that…
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